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The new Line 18000 was developed from the HARDWEAR series.

Because of their strong and decisive characteristics, almost aggressive, the new models stand out because of the choice of high-tech materials and work standards, such as CORDURA LIGHT and the new KETRATEX with fibres in kevlar® processed in trilaminate with SYMPATEX membrane, to improve resistance to abrasion and tear.

The structured DURATEX or KEPROTEC inserts in anti-slip effect, skilfully positioned add characteristics and functionality in black/hunter-green contrasts.

The fleece knitwear continues the basic design using face-fabrics in honeycomb look with HARD-CERAMIC surface treatment to increase abrasion and snagging resistance.

Brand: TRABALDO Model: 981/17000/WINDSYSTEM
A lighter version of the ATLANTIS model, ALCYONE does not include a fleece lining. The result is a SOFT-SHELL jacket, suitable for long walks when temperatures are not particularly extreme and a fleece or jacket are too heavy. Four different fabrics: WINDSYSTEM, mi..
Ex Tax:254.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 5073 / 6000 /WINDSYSTEM
Windproof fleece with breathable WIND-SYSTEM membrane. A reversible sweater in two versions: plain green or high-visibility orange blaze camouflage MOSSY-OAK. There are three handy pockets on each side. The right look with simple gestures for every situation. Available also in GRE..
Ex Tax:267.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: Lightpor/Titanial/Primaloft/Piuma
Not the regular puffy jacket. ALP represents the third most thermal layer of the ALPINE CHALLENGE line, which revolutionises the traditional concept of padding thanks to a mapping system in the different areas of the body, to meet warmth, transpiration and compressibility require..
Ex Tax:413.50€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 12000/2900Ketr/Rains
When we set ourselves the target of creating an outerwear that could respond to the hunting needs of a woman, our focus was the following: creating a product that is technically at the same level with the best technology used on men's garments, but without giving up style. That's how ARTEMIS was bor..
Ex Tax:477.50€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art.Coolsuede/998Ketr/Rains
When we set ourselves the target of creating an outerwear that could respond to the hunting needs of a woman, our focus was this one: creating a product that is technically at the same level with the technology used on men's garments without giving up style. Born for those who love mountains and do ..
Ex Tax:468.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 6309/Rains
When the rain suddenly appears, we need a quick and effective solution: AVALON. Three-layers with extremely low weight and volume, so that it can be easily stored in your game bag and used when needed. The RAINSYSTEM membrane guarantees it to be waterproof without compromising breatha..
Ex Tax:278.50€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 2200/EVENT
In addition to the pride of having been chosen by all ENCI judges for their professional work on race fields, CAYENNE can offer you a 3 layers of the best waterproof and breathable performance thanks to the EVENT membrane machined in three layers to emphasize lightness. No i..
Ex Tax:492.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 2000/2800/KETRATEX/EVENT
Technical breathable rainproof jacket in CORDURA and KETRATEX with RAINSYSTEM laminated membrane to minimise water absorption on the outside and guarantee impermeability of pockets inside. Inserts in CORDURA STRECTH on the shoulders to facilitate movement and ..
Ex Tax:408.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 12000/2900/KETRATEX
BREATHSYSTEM is the new platform where EXCALIBUR has been designed and implemented. Autumns and winters have become milder and milder. There is an emphasized need, already present, for clothing that is light, protective, breathable, overcoming the logic and compromise of waterproof ga..
Ex Tax:340.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 12000/2900 Ketr/Rains
A jacket with slim-fitting, sleek lines with the right balance of lightness and sturdiness. GENESIS is an extremely versatile garment able to adapt to numerous hunting activities by virtue of its technical characteristics, which may be appreciated on a wide range of terrains. The bas..
Ex Tax:528.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: Coolsuede/998ketr/Rains
Made for those who live the mountains and can't give up its silence. GENESIS SOFT is a microfibre jacket dedicated to true mountain hunters who need to combine lightness, slim-fitting and waterproof all into one silent garment. The center part of the body in COOLSUEDE microfiber guara..
Ex Tax:528.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 2000/2800/KETRATEX/EVENT
Jacket ideal to combine with the now famous PANTHER PRO pants. GLADIATOR uses once again the basic material of the pants with the body in CORDURA and reinforcements in KEPROTECH for the sleeves and sides, with inserts in a stretch CORDURA on the back allowing ..
Ex Tax:636.00€
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