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Coming from Trabaldo's experienced knowledge of the physical properties of fabrics and weaving techniques, TITANIAL represents the highest level to be achieved at present with its advanced technologies.

Trabaldo has been able to obtain fabrics which combine lightness and breathability with an incomparable toughness.

Made of a blend of high-tenacity fibers including Dyneema®, 15 times stronger than steel, TITANIAL is a new milestone. It reduces weights and improves resistance, skills that the hunting world is constantly looking for.

All the 19000 TITANIAL products can be mixed and matched with each other, so you can get the perfect combination for any environment and climatic condition.

Brand: TRABALDO Model: ALPHA/838/6000/Windsystem
Windproof vest with breathable WIND-SYSTEM membrane. The front and back panels are CORDURA softshell with a windproof membrane ensuring warmth and durability. The side bands of the body are made with a breathable fleece making it easier to get rid of sweat. The garment's te..
Ex Tax:228.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 12000/2900 Ketratex
Equal to the H.V. version, BOLERO H.V.R. uses the same patterns and materials, with the addition of reflex insets on the chest and back required by law. Worn when necessary, BOLERO H.V.R. is the accessory you can no longer do without, able to provide visibility in just 180 grams,..
Ex Tax:123.00€
A small masterpiece of style and function. BUTTERFLY is the summer version of our now famous DRIVER vest. Extremely light (only 450 grams, size L), four different fabrics are brought together, each with a specific function: WINDSYSTEM,breathable and windproof, for the front ..
Ex Tax:288.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 1790
Light and practical waistcoat in polyester micro-fibre which makes it extremely soft to the touch. Shoulders are reinforced in KETRATEX. Can be fastened inside in all our predisposed jackets...
Ex Tax:148.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 5390/2950/KETRATEX
COSMOS uses, giving technical material to its distinctly sporty shapes, POLARTEC fabric with a water repellent and hard-face treatment which adds to the typical warmth of the THERMAL PRO platform an exceptional resistance to snagging and abrasion as well as offering excellen..
Ex Tax:205.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 2000/2800/KETRATEX
Borned under the cooperation of sector experts. Driver is designed for all those who live in symbiosis with their dogs. A professional product which enables you to work safely and ergonomically with all the necessary equipment (radio, satellite navigator, beeper, mobile phone, leads, etc.) thanks to..
Ex Tax:294.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 19000/19500TITANIAL
The garment that didn't exist until today. HARD TOP is the product able to guarantee maximum resistance to tearing and abrasions for superior protection when needed.All this has been made possible because of TITANIAL. Coming from Trabaldo's experienced knowledge of the physical proper..
Ex Tax:212.50€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 19000/19500TITANIAL-2
Light-weight and has exceptional strength vest thanks to the use of TITANIAL in the central body of the garment and in the reinforcements. Coming from Trabaldo's experienced knowledge of the physical properties of fabrics and weaving techniques, TITANIAL represents the highest le..
Ex Tax:343.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 19000/19500TITANIAL-3
High visibility version of the INTREPID model, it incorporates all its features with the addition of H.V.Light-weight and has exceptional strength vest thanks to the use of TITANIAL in the central body of the garment and in the reinforcements.Coming from Trabaldo's experienced knowledge of..
Ex Tax:343.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 2000/2900Ketr/298/fucsia
High visibility version of our PULSAR model.The slim fit waistcoat with sleek lines dedicated to female hunters, offers the right balance between lightness and sturdiness. Like the entire Women's Line, this article takes up the technical features of our men's products, transforming them in..
Ex Tax:275.00€
Brand: TRABALDO Model: 12000/2900/KETRATEX
If you are looking for a ultralight, super-durable vest with our CORDURA and KETRATEX technologies combined with the BREATHSYSTEMplatform for back and side breathability that wraps around without causing you to sweat thanks to the stretch inserts and multi-functionality with..
Ex Tax:285.00€
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