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Brand: NECON Model: NEC08
Atletic Dog Maintainance al cavalloSUPREME QUALITYDESCRIPTIONWith the presence of the same percentage of the Plus horse meal (18% ) Atletic Dog Mantenimento al Cavallo combines the organoleptic characteristics and the advantages of horse proteins, with lower fat values making of the product a high q..
Ex Tax:47.50€
Brand: NECON Model: NEC07
Atletic Dog Maintainance al PesceSUPREME QUALITYDESCRIPTIONThe maintenance food which shares the characteristics of Plus, with 40% fish concentration.With balanced fats and protein values as a function of the of a maintenance diet, it allows maintaining the health of the most sensitive dogs sufferin..
Ex Tax:42.00€
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