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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 12000/2900/Symp
Shaped like a modern baseball hat, APACHE adds technicality thanks to the SYMPATEX membrane shell that waterproofs the garment guaranteeing natural transpiration. Base in CORDURA and front reinforcement in KETRATEX, it’s an ideal accessory for all your hunting experiences. The rear elastic ensures a..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 5110/Dryarn
A multifunctional mid-layer, thanks to the combination of POLARTEC POWER GRID in the core part of the garment, and SKIN-LIFE and DRYARN fibres with SEAMLESS technology on the sides. This ensures excellent thermal insulation properties, which combined with the high elasticity of the side insets, add ..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: 12000/2900Ketr/Rains
When we set ourselves the target of creating an outerwear that could respond to the hunting needs of a woman, our focus was the following: creating a product that is technically at the same level with the best technology used on men's garments, but without giving up style. That's how ARTEMIS was bor..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art.Coolsuede/998Ketr/Rains
When we set ourselves the target of creating an outerwear that could respond to the hunting needs of a woman, our focus was this one: creating a product that is technically at the same level with the technology used on men's garments without giving up style. Born for those who love mountains and do ..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 12000/2900 Ketratex
Equal to the H.V. version, BOLERO H.V.R. uses the same patterns and materials, with the addition of reflex insets on the chest and back required by law. Worn when necessary, BOLERO H.V.R. is the accessory you can no longer do without, able to provide visibility in just 180 grams,..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art.Coolsuede/998Ketr/Rains
It's the trousers dedicated to the ARTEMIS SOFT jacket. Like its jacket, CALIPSO is created for mountain huntress who need to have a light, silent and waterproof trousers in a slim fitting. In fact, CALIPSO uses the COOLSUEDE microfibre laminated with the RAINSYSTEM membrane which, in addition to gi..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 6110/750/Winds
Thermal, versatile, lightweight, capacious. CAYMAN H.V. is a mid-layer able to adapt to the different uses that hunting requires, thanks to the skilful combination of materials and technical solutions. The WINDSYSTEM front panel, to protect from the bothersome wind chill effect, is combined with gri..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: C20/40
Adjustable technical belt with cotton band, buckle and personalized Trabaldo ferrule. 4 cm wide, 125 cm long...
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 949/201
Outside t-shirt in a sporty look with high levels of transpiration and drying capacity. FALKOR, besides differentiating you with its unique look, is the ideal choice for the mild days of the opening season, when a t-shirt is the only piece we like to wear. The carefully chosen materials and mesh ins..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 380/Dryarn
GAIA is our answer for those in search of a mid-season technical undergarment, that can be used under a second layer, or for exterior use in mild temperatures. Made of DRYARN polypropylene with SEAMLESS technology (without seams), it provides a constant dry feeling against the skin, quickly evacuati..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 2950
All the comfort and practicality of a shooting glove, made with typical hunting materials and features. GLADIUS glove combines highest accuracy and sensitivity for shooting, thanks to the tight fit and short cuff, which also grant excellent resistance to ripping and snagging. The material selection ..
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Brand: TRABALDO Model: Art. 838/6000/Winds
Windproof fleece with breathable WIND-SYSTEM membrane. The frontal, back and outside sleeve panels are made of high-tenacity softshell with windproof membrane, thermal and abrasion resistant, while the lateral bands of the body and of the undersleeve, are made of breathable soft fleece to enable a q..
Ex Tax:248.00€
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