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Shipping methods

1. With courrier throughout Greece, free or cash on delivery.

For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come through the drivers of the e-shop or courier and you pay the price at the time of receipt. The cost is as follows:

A. For shipments with a total weight of up to 2 kg:

- € 2,50 for purchases (together with € 2,10 for cash on delivery, the total cost will reach € 4,60), and 0,90€ for every kilo over 2kg.

- Free for purchases of products over € 100 and less than 5 kg.

2. With a transport company

- The parcels and orders that include products and objects with heavy weight (eg dog food), the shipping charges are made depending on the kilos of the parcel and after consultation.

-Especially for dog food where the weight is large, the items more than one bag, it is recommended to deposit in the bank account and shipping through transport companies within 2-3 working days.

-The shipping cost varies from region to region and depending on the quantity of bags. Indicative transport cost: 3 € / bag.

3. Receipt from our store in Hatziapostolou 28 - 10443 - Sepolia-Athens.

Delivery time: guarantees the shipment and the excellent condition of the product you choose and is shown in the photo.

The delivery time of the products depends on the following:

· 90% of the products in our online store are available.

· In case the product is available and the order is given until 11:00 pm the product will be sent to you the next working day. However, reserves the right to cancel the delivery of goods in cases of force majeure (indicatively: strikes, extreme weather conditions, etc.).

The time of variation of your order depends on the transport company or courier. has the shipping number and contact details of each transport company - courier.

· If the product is not available you will receive a message within one day. In this case, the time of receipt cannot be determined in advance - there will be further communication with the customer.

· Only in special cases where the products we have are not available from our main suppliers or in cases where the products are imported with a limited number, at least the number, the delivery depends on our main supplier. In this case, if the product is not available, you will be notified of the delivery time and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your order with a full refund, if of course you had prepaid (eg credit card, deposit in a bank account ).

· does not provide any guarantee for the availability of the products, but guarantees to inform its customers about their non-availability within a day, except in cases of force majeure.

Note that the above is the cost of shipping. Orders usually come at a cost depending on how you pay. For information contact us at 210 5221846 or see the Payment Methods.

Prices include VAT
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